Guarding your security with utmost care

Your safety, our priority

Peace of mind knowing your sensitive information is safe and secure with yeekatee

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Banking Credentials

We do not have access to your banking credentials, so rest assured that your sensitive information remains private.

Read Only

We only retrieve and display your data for informational purposes. No unauthorized further actions take place.

Secure Encryption & Management

Your credentials are securely encrypted and managed by our regulated aggregator partner. Immediately after retrieving transactions, your encrypted credentials and data are deleted.

End-to-End Security

Server side access is only with multi-factor authentication possible. Your data is protected by SSL/TLS with TLS 1.3 on its way there.

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All in one place

The most accurate portfolio data with highest security

Strictest regulations

We strictly adhere to GDPR regulations regarding data protection and privacy.

Most trusted location

All our operations are located in Switzerland.

Best encryption

All your stored data is encrypted by 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256).

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